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Barbie Lashes

Darling, you're such a doll! Medium in length, our Barbie Lashes have a bit of a cat-eye flare. Whether you're enjoying a Malibu sunshiney day or romantic night out with your Ken, these lashes are so cute for you! 

Barbie Lashes

  • SugarMoon Faux Mink Lashes feature a pair of false eyelashes that bring out your already beautiful eyes! Our lashes are full, long, and perfectly lifted. These high-quality lashes are simple to apply and instantly volumizing. SugarMoon offers 12 total lash styles to choose from in our collection that range from 12-25mm in lash length giving you so many makeup looks to try. With proper care, our lashes can last up to 5-15 times! 

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